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Harmony International offers products and services in several sectors, including construction, energy, home improvement, chemicals, commodities, food, beverages and other fast moving consumer goods.

Our experience, know-how and active implementation of International purchase and sell transactions allow an optimal efficiency and reduces cost for our customers.


Harmony can manage your purchasing projects in several sectors, offering the following services:

  • Direct supplier and/or manufacturer contact
  • Product sample review
  • Factory audits and license checks
  • Track record and reputation check (background review)
  • Competitive pricing analysis
  • Determining after-sales services offered
  • Initiating and concluding negotiations within the agreed terms with the client

Product Development and Prototyping

You can send prints, pictures and specifications or a prototype of a product you wish to manufacture and Harmony will arrange for the manufacturing, from a first prototype to setting up an entire production line.


Product consistency and service quality directly affect your business reputation and brand loyalty. Harmony helps protect your business interests and ensures quality control by assessing products, after-sales support and supplier capabilities, and identifying deficiencies in organizational structures. We can provide the following:

  • In-depth factory audits using proven techniques
  • Assessment of organizational structure and facilities of manufacturers and their subcontractors
  • Overall review of supplier’s quality assurance scheme, staff qualifications and abilities, working environment
  • Monitoring compliance of factory’s QA programs
  • Physically conducting ongoing quality control (QC) for all product features, design and functions
  • Packaging, certification tags, labelling, user manual, etc., which are as important as the actual product
  • Product analysis by approved laboratories
  • Conducting unexpected random checks
  • Inspection: Pre-production, in-line and final inspections


Harmony minimizes your freight costs by providing well-planned logistics and shipment consolidation. We coordinate and control all shipping documents and coordinate the import or export according to all applicable laws.

We can provide holistic logistics control to ensure cargo is delivered according to schedule and warehouses are utilized efficiently to prevent product or part shortages.

Our logistics services include:

  • Initial packaging and preparation for transport
  • Organizing container loading and shipping
  • Verifying all shipping documents
  • Ensuring prompt and correct payments
  • Planning and arranging customs ratification
  • Warehousing around the world and strategic alliances with regional and local logistics operators

We can conduct loading supervision at all stages in compliance with a loading checklist, with photographic proof to ensure:

  • Accurate container loading (type and quantity)
  • Correct shipping marks
  • Container is in good condition prior to loading (clean, dry, with no visible damages)
  • Verification and certification of containers

Market Intelligence

Harmony International provides research and market intelligence in a variety of sectors, analyzing the most interesting sale and sourcing markets in the world. Our team of experience professionals produce world-class deliverables that enables our client to make better, more informed and faster decisions. Our market intelligence reports are aimed to help our customers:

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses across different markets.
  • Understand competition, barriers of entries and market trends.
  • Track market behavior and regulatory changes to meet compliance requirements.


Harmony will take care of administrative tasks such as:

  • Purchase order placement
  • Issuance of invoices, packing lists and other relevant commercial documents
  • Collections
  • Customer service
  • Support on draft agreements based on the outcome of negotiations
  • Requirements for warranties, anti-bribery clauses, quality assurance clauses and all related intellectual property issues
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